It’s a sellout!

Ok – not quite a sell out as our tickets are free – but we have now given away all of the tickets to BarCamp London 8. Our waiting list is now also completely full, and we’ll be releasing tickets to those people as they become available.

We know that there are quite a few of you out there who haven’t managed to get a ticket. We’ve released more tickets than any other London BarCamp, and hope you’ll have the opportunity to attend in the future.

Sponsor Announcement: giffgaff

giffgaffWe are pleased to announce the support of giffgaff as a sponsor of BarCamp London 8.

giffgaff is the UK’s first community-run mobile phone network.  With no call centres, contracts, shops or big budget TV advertising, the web 2.0 inspired business offers the public a genuine alternative to the existing big mobile networks.

Dubbed as “the Wikipedia of the mobile world”, giffgaff encourages customers to get involved and rewards them for every contribution they make. Community spirit earns points: this can include helping other members with queries, voicing opinions about how giffgaff should be run or simply spreading the word amongst their friends. Points are later exchanged for cash or a donation to a charity of the community’s choice.

With customers helping to manage everything from marketing to customer support, the network is affordable to all, without hidden charges and long contracts and where unlimited truly means unlimited.

Sponsor Announcement: Global Personals

Global Personals

We are pleased to announce the support of Global Personals as the third sponsor of BarCamp London 8.

Ranked 8th fastest growing technology company in the UK in the 2010 Deloitte Technology Fast 50, Global Personals Ltd is one of the largest privately owned online dating companies in Europe.

Launched in 2003 and currently employing over 70 full time staff, the company owns and operates its own online dating sites, and, whilst its B2B service,, offers a platform for brands and individuals to power their own dating sites that currently includes FHM, Cosmopolitan, Magic FM and PlentyMoreFish.

Join the Global Personals development team of 20 engineers, developers and designers and work on the engine that powers over 4,000 online dating websites around the world. Find out more about the Global Personals team at

Sponsor Announcement: Osmosoft

OsmosoftWe are pleased to announce the support of Osmosoft as a sponsor of BarCamp London 8.

Osmosoft is the open source arm of BT. Acquired by BT in 2007 Osmosoft has two core areas of focus: to build and contribute to wordclass open source products, and to provide governance around the use of open source within BT. During the summer Osmosoft launched TiddlySpace, an evolution of the popular TiddlyWiki and TiddlyWeb.

TiddlySpace lets you create notebooks on the web for any purpose:

  • keeping track of things you’ve got to do
  • sharing your thoughts about a topic
  • working on the outline of a novel or the lyrics to a song

Groups can share these notebooks to work together. Notebooks can also include content from other notebooks, so people can create new things by building on the work of others.

TiddlySpace is extensible with a full API so that anyone can add features or customise the way that it works.

TiddlySpace is Open Source software so you’re free to host your own instance and are encouraged to contribute to the project.

Sponsor Announcement: PayPal X

PayPal X Developer Network We are pleased to announce the support of PayPal X as a sponsor of BarCamp London 8.

In November 2009, PayPal opened its global payments platform to third-party developers, ushering in a new generation of innovative payments.

PayPal X is the world’s first truly open global online payment platform – giving developers access to its global payment engine built over the last decade with more than 87 million active PayPal accounts available in 190 markets and 24 currencies.
The PayPal X Developer Network puts developers in the driver’s seat, providing the resources and the tools needed to change the future of payments – from mobile apps to web apps and social networks.

Developers can now monetize their ideas and tap into the $30 trillion global payments opportunity – the next wave of payments innovation is now in their hands.

PayPal X were also a sponsor of BCL7 at IBM last October, so we’d like to thank them for their continued support.

The Great Spreadshirt BarCamp Giveaway!

If you’re attending BarCamp London 8, it comes along with the chance to design your very own personalised official t-shirt for the event from our friends over at Spreadshirt!

Attendees should have received an email with details on how to get started, and if you’re one of those without a ticket yet, don’t worry!  If you get a ticket in one of the upcoming releases you will receive an email shortly after with your voucher code.

If you’re having issues drop us an email at

Ticket Release Dates

After several months of waiting we are thrilled to confirm that BarCamp London 8 is happening in just under six weeks at City University London’s Social Sciences building on November 13th/14th 2010.

You’ll be able to signup for a ticket on the dates listed below and if you already had a ticket for the June date you will have received a separate email with details on how to get your new ticket!

  • 13th October @ 2pm
  • 23rd October @ 12pm
  • 1st November @ 10am

UPDATE: All tickets have now been released and the waiting list is now full.

Ticket Details coming soon!

We will start releasing tickets this coming Monday, full details will be available from 9am and those of you lucky enough to already have secured a ticket will have a week to go through the conversion process.

Meeting Date Changed!!

We have changed our open meeting date to the August 4th. It will still take place at 7pm in the Social Sciences building at City University.

Great News, Huge Success !

We’re happy to announce that BarCamp London 8 will be held at City University in Clerkenwell this November 13th & 14th. Below you will find answers to some questions you are bound to have, but if you have any more please email

Why November?

With summer fast approaching, we expect lots of people to be taking holidays and generally enjoying the great British weather. Also we want students from City University to be involved and November will be the first time the building is free in the new term. November also gives us plenty of time to plan for an awesome BarCamp London 8.

How do I get a ticket and what happens to original BCL8 ticket holders?

We will be announcing full ticketing details closer to the event, however we have guaranteed priority tickets for the 154 people who signed up for the original June date, and we expect to release a lot more to go along with them. Those with June tickets will receive an email during October with details on how this will work.

Who are City University?

City University London is a principal provider of undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and vocational education in the United Kingdom. The University is committed to leading London in education, research and knowledge transfer for businesses and the professions and is renowned for its international focus and the employability of its graduates.

The University attracts over 21,000 students from 156 countries, while teaching staff are drawn from nearly 50 international locations, ensuring that the University has a truly international outlook. City University London was founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute and was awarded full university status in 1966.

Visit the City University web site for more information.

How can I get involved?

We will be holding an open meeting at 7pm on August 3rd at City University’s Social Sciences building and we invite anyone who’s interested in helping organise to come along. If you cant make the meeting don’t forget to join the planning group on Google.

I would like to sponsor, or pay for beer or t-shirts

Brilliant! We’d love to talk to you. Just drop Cristiano an email or call him on 07518 397784.

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