Sponsor Announcement: Osmosoft

OsmosoftWe are pleased to announce the support of Osmosoft as a sponsor of BarCamp London 8.

Osmosoft is the open source arm of BT. Acquired by BT in 2007 Osmosoft has two core areas of focus: to build and contribute to wordclass open source products, and to provide governance around the use of open source within BT. During the summer Osmosoft launched TiddlySpace, an evolution of the popular TiddlyWiki and TiddlyWeb.

TiddlySpace lets you create notebooks on the web for any purpose:

  • keeping track of things you’ve got to do
  • sharing your thoughts about a topic
  • working on the outline of a novel or the lyrics to a song

Groups can share these notebooks to work together. Notebooks can also include content from other notebooks, so people can create new things by building on the work of others.

TiddlySpace is extensible with a full API so that anyone can add features or customise the way that it works.

TiddlySpace is Open Source software so you’re free to host your own instance and are encouraged to contribute to the project.