Sponsor Announcement: giffgaff

giffgaffWe are pleased to announce the support of giffgaff as a sponsor of BarCamp London 8.

giffgaff is the UK’s first community-run mobile phone network.  With no call centres, contracts, shops or big budget TV advertising, the web 2.0 inspired business offers the public a genuine alternative to the existing big mobile networks.

Dubbed as “the Wikipedia of the mobile world”, giffgaff encourages customers to get involved and rewards them for every contribution they make. Community spirit earns points: this can include helping other members with queries, voicing opinions about how giffgaff should be run or simply spreading the word amongst their friends. Points are later exchanged for cash or a donation to a charity of the community’s choice.

With customers helping to manage everything from marketing to customer support, the network is affordable to all, without hidden charges and long contracts and where unlimited truly means unlimited.