Sponsor Announcement: Duracell, MinuteBox, Mozilla and Ben Reyes

It takes sponsors big and small to make BarCamp what it is. We’re pleased to announce the support of Duracell, MinuteBox and Mozilla:

Duracell Duracell will be providing a number of charging pads which will be free to use during the weekend, and they’ll even have one to give away to one lucky BarCamp participant.
MinuteBox MinuteBox is a marketplace for users to buy and sell advice via video chat. Individuals are able to use MinuteBox as a gateway to access expertise in a timely and cost-effective manner, while Experts can sell their time and be rewarded for their knowledge. MinuteBox will be providing the bags that each BarCamp attendee will receive their schwag in.
Mozilla You’ll not be able to get away from Mozilla at BarCamp this time: they’ll be hanging round your neck. Mozilla are providing the lanyards that your name badges will be dangling from.

Finally, one last specific thanks to Ben Reyes, who contributed to the sponsorship gathering by accidentally transferring us £10. Every penny counts!